Teens thirst for adventure, exploration, new experiences, travel and community but often settle for the counterfeits to adventure found in places like video games and risky behavior. Our hope is that as students experience real life in such an adventurous way that the counterfeits will lose their appeal.  We define true adventure as an action that makes difference for eternity.  What follows is a view of that plan and some details about how the Tribe operates including an introduction to our leaders and some guidelines by which they must abide.   I know some kids will come to church at first for the fun of our events, but we have a plan to move them from highly active events to high service events, all while learning wisdom that helps them with life!

Parents, we want to partner with you! Our promise is to provide programs students will want to participate in. All we need from you is encouragement for your child to be involved!  We meet every Wednesday evening from 6:30-8 in the sanctuary of Grace Community Church.  Sunday morning church services are at 9:15 and 10:45.  Each regular attending student will be in a small groups and will get together with their group outside of church for a couple of hours a month, which are called “120 meetings”.   

Grace Community Church has a strong emphasis on our ministry to students, but it isn’t just for kids! As an adult, you are always invited to our services on Sunday and Bible study on Wednesday. Also, you are welcome to sit in on our youth programs on Wednesday or Sunday.

If you are interested in being an adult leader in the Tribe contact Greg Weakland at Greg.w@gcctopeka.org or use the contact form below.

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